Posted on Jan 27, 2020

Nationwide Wine & Spirits

One in a Million Words
I've always considered myself to be a wordsmith. It started with a journal many years ago during war whereby I found a voice, my voice. Fortunately, I nourished it and kept expressing it as I entered Villanova University. Inherently this led to storytelling. Many of my stories were autobiographical. For me, they formed a connection with history, passion, film and ultimately... wine. Words were my motivation to co-create the film production company Dolfin Films. Words were my motivation to create Nationwide Wine & Spirits. Words encouraged me to merge those two passions and to produce a TV Show, "Cooked & Uncorked." And although many times I'm crushed with so many other priorities in life, I never allow my pen to fall by the wayside, and neither should you. Keep writing, keep creating, never lose your voice. - Silvio Lelli ,
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